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Round Tower Miniature Sculpture

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Product code: P333 Round Tower 

Round towers were erected and used primarily as watch towers and places of protection. Many monasteries around Ireland were the centres for learning in Ireland. The Monks spent long hours working on very ornate manuscripts that were adorned with gold and silver covers. The Monks also made ornate gold and silver chalices. It was for these gold and silver pieces that the Vikings invaded Ireland. Monasteries were plundered for their valuables. In order to prevent the slaughter of monks and to protect their gold and silver creations, they built large high round towers of stone, with the entrance to the tower close to the the top of the tower. They used a rope ladder to access the tower. Once all the Monks were safely in the tower the ladder was pulled up and the monks stayed in safety until the raid was over and the marauding Vikings had departed.   65 Towers still remain around Ireland, some as high as 34meters.  Towers were built between 7th & 10th Century. These Towers are unique to Ireland.

Measurement: 8 inches



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