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Add class to your dining table with a set of four beautiful hand crafted pewter goblet.    

The Lion of Ireland" goblet is one from the set of 4 goblets each telling a story from ancient Mythical Ireland

This Goblet tells the story of Brian Boru - Lion of Ireland who was the most famous of all Ireland's kings and is remembered with reverence and pride to this very day. Born in 941 A.D. with force and vigor of his worrier-like skills he became High King. His plans was the establishment of an all Irish Navy to help defeat the Vikings.  By the time it came to fight the Vikings he was too old to wield a sword but he placed his trust in his two sons whom he had trained in generalship.The Vikings decided to stand there ground at Clontarf  in the year 1014 beside their settlement in Dublin where thy could embroil their Leinster Allies in the battle to come. Grappling in a close fight the Irish side gained ground in a mighty hand to hand combat.  While the battled continued a soldier spotted King Brian in his tent  praying for a great victory.  On hearing this the Viking leader Broder in rage attacked Brian with his sword as old as the King was he put up a good fight but unfortunately died on his longed for day of victory. Apart from being a great leader he was a devout Christian loved art, chess and the music of the harp.

Each goblet is 7" high hand turned and polished on the inside. The outside is hand turned on top and base with the center darkened to highlight the scenes on the 3 sides. Enjoy !!




Mythical Ireland Goblet - Brian Boru (price inc's worldwide shipping by post)