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Whiskey Flask Collection 9oz.

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9oz  Whiskey Flasks, 3 to choose from

1709 Celtic Dragon Whiskey Flask

1709-1 Celtic Dragon Whiskey Flask with engravable disc

1709 T4  - ‘Triquerta’ meaning three-cornered, is the latin word given to the Trinity knot. Found in the famous Kells manuscripts, it is believed that one of the many symbols of the Trinity knot is religious – representing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is also believed that the Trinity knot is a symbol of three forces of nature; water, fire and earth. In Celtic culture, the number 3 is hugely symbolic. Many things come in threes in Celtic beliefs, such as the three domains (earth, sky, sea) and the three stages of life (youth, adulthood, old age



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