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Battle of Clontarf Pewter Chess Set

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Battle of Clontarf April 23 1014 (GOOD FRIDAY)

IRISH KING. Brian Boru was Irelands last High King. At 72 years old he was not able to fight, but remained in the back ground, praying, during the battle. Brian Boru was killed during the battle by Brodir of Man a Viking leader.

IRISH QUEEN. Gormflaith was Brian’s 4th wife and what a traitor as she was Sigtrygg’s daughter who was Viking ruler of Dublin.

BISHOP.  Murrough was son of Brian from his first marriage. Murrough was a true Christian and God fearing man. Murrough was also killed during the battle.

KNIGHT.  Toirdelbach son of Murrough, though only a teenager was a fierce fighter and he too was killed during the battle.

ROOK.  Traditional Castle of the 11th Century known as a “Tower House”. This was the original building at the Rock of Cashel, the seat of Irish High Kings.

PAWN.  Men from Munster and Leinster mostly. An army of about 8000 men.

VIKING KING. Máel-Mórda, son of Murchad king of Leinster lead the Viking army. The Viking army was made up of Irish/Viking decedents and Vikings from Orkney, Scotland and Isle of Man.

VIKING QUEEN. Máel-Mórda’s wife was Caillech, daughter of DúnLaing.

BISHOP. Gilla Ciarain Mac Glún, nephew of Sigtrygg the ruler of Dublin.

KNIGHT.  Brodir of Isle of Man came to fight with the Vikings and was the one who killed Brian Boru while fleeing the battle.

ROOK. Traditional Viking Home mostly made grom timber and dried mud.

PAWN.  Viking’s marauded and plundered much of Ireland and were ferocious fighting men.

The Viking army was 6,000, but by the end of the battle only 600 remained. They fled back to whence they came. Between 7,000- 10,000 men were killed and wounded at Clontarf, but Viking rule was ended and Ireland went back to its divided kingdoms until the invasion of the Normans about 150 years after Clontarf.

About Our Chess and Draught/Checkers sets,

Our Chess and Draught Sets are made of a lead free Pewter and comply with EU, FDA, BS and Proposition 65 standards. The Metal content is 92-95% Tin with the balance made of Copper and Antimony.

Our Chess and Draughts boards are made of Medium Density Fibre board.

Our Chess sets are packaged in a hard board presentation box with the pieces set in protective foam.

Our Draught/Checkers sets are boxed in brown card board and the pieces are wrapped in bubble.

Our Chess and Draughts sets are all supplied with a Chess/ Draughts/Checkers Board

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