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Mullingar Pewter Battle of Clontarf Pewter Chess Set

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Exclusive Product: Mullingar Pewter Battle of Clontarf Pewter Chess Set

Product Code: D17 Clontarf Irish Pewter Chess Set

Available Exclusively from Mullingar Pewter

  • Purchase Online or In-Store: This unique chess set is available only through our website or directly at our showroom in Mullingar Pewter, Ireland.

Historical Significance: Battle of Clontarf (April 23, 1014 - Good Friday)

The Battle of Clontarf marks a pivotal moment in Irish history. On Good Friday in 1014, Irish forces led by the High King Brian Boru clashed with Viking invaders, culminating in a bloody battle that altered the course of Irish history.

Key Characters and Pieces:

  • Irish Side:

    • King: Brian Boru
      • Ireland's last High King. At 72 years old, Brian Boru did not fight on the front lines but instead stayed behind, praying for his warriors. He was ultimately slain by the Viking leader Brodir of Man.
    • Queen: Gormflaith
      • Brian’s fourth wife and a figure of betrayal. She was the daughter of Sigtrygg, the Viking ruler of Dublin.
    • Bishop: Murrough
      • The son of Brian Boru from his first marriage, Murrough was a devout Christian who perished in the battle.
    • Knight: Toirdelbach
      • Murrough’s son, a teenager who fought fiercely and also lost his life in the battle.
    • Rook: Traditional Irish Castle
      • Represents an 11th-century tower house like the one at the Rock of Cashel, the seat of the Irish High Kings.
    • Pawn: Irish Soldiers
      • Representing men from Munster and Leinster, the army numbered around 8,000.
  • Viking Side:

    • King: Máel-Mórda
      • The King of Leinster and leader of the Viking army, comprising Viking descendants from Ireland, Orkney, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.
    • Queen: Caillech
      • Máel-Mórda’s wife and the daughter of DúnLaing.
    • Bishop: Gilla Ciarain Mac Glún
      • Nephew of Sigtrygg, the ruler of Dublin.
    • Knight: Brodir of the Isle of Man
      • A Viking who killed Brian Boru while fleeing the battlefield.
    • Rook: Viking Longhouse
      • Symbolizes a typical Viking dwelling, primarily made from timber and dried mud.
    • Pawn: Viking Warriors
      • Known for their marauding and plundering, these fierce fighters were integral to the Viking army.

Detailed Craftsmanship:

Each figurine in the set is crafted from the finest pewter, ensuring a robust, weighty feel and a high level of durability while retaining an elegant appearance. The pieces are detailed to reflect the historical significance and uniqueness of the Battle of Clontarf.

  • Irish Pieces:
    • Half of the Set: Darkened and polished to a shiny finish.
  • Viking Pieces:
    • Half of the Set: Darkened and brushed for a more matte finish, emphasizing intricate details.

Chess Set Dimensions:

  • King: 3.75 inches tall.
  • Pawn: 2.5 inches tall.

Chess Board: Size 13"x13"

The set includes a wooden chessboard with black and ivory squares, complementing the pewter pieces beautifully. The board serves not only as a functional game surface but also as an elegant display for your living room or study.

The Historical Impact:

The Viking army, initially 6,000 strong, was nearly decimated, with only 600 surviving to retreat. The battle resulted in heavy casualties on both sides, with estimates of 7,000 to 10,000 dead or wounded. Despite the bloodshed, Viking rule in Ireland was effectively ended, leading to a brief period of relative peace and the return to traditional Irish kingdoms until the Norman invasion 150 years later.

Why Choose This Chess Set?

  • Historical and Cultural Significance: This set not only provides a rich, immersive experience for chess enthusiasts but also serves as a tribute to an important historical event.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Each piece is a testament to the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail that Mullingar Pewter is known for.
  • Exclusive Product: Available only from Mullingar Pewter, making it a unique and valuable addition to any collection.

Ideal For:

  • History Buffs: Anyone with an interest in Irish history and the Viking era will appreciate the historical significance of this set.
  • Chess Enthusiasts: Perfect for those who enjoy a game of chess with a touch of historical and cultural depth.
  • Gift Givers: An excellent choice for significant occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

About Our Chess and Draught/Checkers sets,

Our Chess and Draught Sets are made of a lead free Pewter and comply with EU, FDA, BS and Proposition 65 standards. The Metal content is 92-95% Tin with the balance made of Copper and Antimony.

Our Chess and Draughts boards are made of Medium Density Fibre board.

Our Chess sets are packaged in a hard board presentation box with the pieces set in protective foam.

Our Draught/Checkers sets are boxed in brown card board and the pieces are wrapped in bubble.

Our Irish Pewter Chess and Draughts sets are all supplied with a Chess/ Draughts/Checkers Board

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