Ardagh Chalice Replica. Award PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.

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The stunning Pewter Replica Ardagh Chalice.

The original Ardagh Chalice is comprised of many different metals, pewter being one of them. It was found in September 1868, by two young men - Jim Quin and Paddy Flanagan - who were digging a potato field in Reerasta, Co. Limerick.

An iconic symbol in Irish history, particularly in sports,  the Ardagh Chalice is modelled by the Sam Maguire cup and the O'Duffy cup. It can now be seen on display in the National Museum of Ireland.

We can add a pewter band around the base or engraving strip and engraving. The base is 2.5" high. The chalice itself is 6" high. It's packed in a blue satin presentation box, perfect for presentations or when being given as a trophy/award.

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Ardagh Chalice Replica. Award PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING.