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Mullingar Pewter Irish Wine Stopper Collection

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Mullingar Pewter Irish Wine Stoppers Collection

Enhance your wine experience with these exquisite Mullingar Pewter wine stoppers, each showcasing a unique design that celebrates Irish and Celtic heritage. Handmade in Ireland, these wine stoppers are not only functional but also serve as beautiful collectibles or thoughtful gifts. Each stopper features intricate detailing and is crafted to fit snugly in most wine bottles, ensuring your wine stays fresh while adding a touch of elegance to your bottle.

Available Designs:

P261 T4 - Wine Stopper with 4 Trinity Designs

  • Description: This wine stopper features four Trinity Knot designs, symbolizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit.
  • Design: Four Trinity Knot patterns, each intricately detailed.
  • Perfect For: Celebrating Irish heritage and the symbolism of the Trinity Knot.

P261 Shamrock 1 - Wine Stopper with Shamrock Surrounded by Celtic Design

  • Description: A classic design featuring the Shamrock, a symbol of Ireland, surrounded by a beautiful Celtic pattern.
  • Design: Central Shamrock with detailed Celtic knotwork around it.
  • Perfect For: Those who cherish Irish culture and the symbolic Shamrock.

P261 Claddagh 1 - Wine Stopper with Claddagh Surrounded by Celtic Design

  • Description: The Claddagh, representing love, loyalty, and friendship, is elegantly encircled by Celtic designs.
  • Design: Claddagh emblem with intricate Celtic motifs.
  • Perfect For: A meaningful gift symbolizing deep relationships.

P261 Celtic A - Wine Stopper with Celtic Triskle Design

  • Description: Featuring the ancient , this Triskle design is a nod to Celtic spirituality and the cycles of life.
  • Design: Triskle symbol, embodying Celtic traditions and aesthetics.
  • Perfect For: Lovers of Celtic symbolism and heritage.

P261 Celtic D - Wine Stopper with Celtic Design from Book of Kells

  • Description: Inspired by the famous Book of Kells, this stopper features a classic Celtic design known for its intricate and elaborate detail.
  • Design: Traditional Celtic patterns reminiscent of the Book of Kells artwork.
  • Perfect For: History enthusiasts and admirers of ancient manuscripts.

P261 Celtic E - Wine Stopper with Celtic Design from Book of Kells

  • Description: Another beautiful design inspired by the Book of Kells, showcasing complex knotwork and artistic detail.
  • Design: Elaborate Celtic motifs from the renowned manuscript.
  • Perfect For: Collectors and those who appreciate historical art.

P261 Trinity 1 - Wine Stopper with Trinity Design Surrounded by Celtic Design

  • Description: This stopper highlights a central Trinity Knot, framed by detailed Celtic patterns.
  • Design: Trinity Knot with surrounding Celtic embellishments.
  • Perfect For: Anyone who values the symbolism of the Trinity and Celtic art.

P261 Harp 1 - Wine Stopper with Harp Design Surrounded by Celtic Design

  • Description: Featuring the Irish harp, a national symbol, surrounded by intricate Celtic designs.
  • Design: Irish harp with decorative Celtic patterns.
  • Perfect For: Music lovers and those who honor Irish heritage.

P261 Irish/Shamrock - Wine Stopper with Irish/Shamrock Design

  • Description: Combines the iconic Shamrock with the word "Irish," making it a perfect representation of Ireland.
  • Design: Shamrock with "Irish" label and Celtic decoration.
  • Perfect For: Proudly displaying Irish roots and culture.

P261 Shamrock/Trinity - Wine Stopper with Shamrock and Trinity Designs Mixed

  • Description: This design merges the Shamrock and Trinity Knot, symbolizing Irish identity and spiritual unity.
  • Design: A combination of Shamrock and Trinity motifs.
  • Perfect For: Those who embrace both national pride and spiritual symbolism.

P261 Ireland - Wine Stopper with Map of Ireland Embossed

  • Description: Features a detailed map of Ireland, showcasing the country’s shape and major landmarks.
  • Design: Embossed map of Ireland with Celtic detailing.
  • Perfect For: Celebrating Irish geography and heritage.

P261 Scotland - Wine Stopper with Map of Scotland Embossed

  • Description: Highlights a map of Scotland, representing the country’s rich history and landscape.
  • Design: Embossed map of Scotland with intricate detailing.
  • Perfect For: Those with a connection to Scotland or admiration for its history.

Handmade in Ireland
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Each of these wine stoppers is a beautiful blend of functionality and artistry, perfect for any wine lover or collector of Irish and Celtic memorabilia. Enjoy free shipping on all designs, making them a convenient and thoughtful choice for gifts or personal use.

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