Lidded Leaf Tankard. SHIPPING INCLUDED

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The history of the stein can be traced back to 1300 when the Black Plague swept across German.  To protect their beer from insects that were carrying the plague they came up with the idea of putting a lid on the tankard so a law was passed that all drinking vessels would have a hinged lid. In latter years those who drank beer appeaed healtier than those who could not afford it, many considered it to be the most effective medicine known — the drink from the gods.

We have moved on since then today the lid it is for decoration and tradition. This stein is enriched with a leaf design the hand turned strip on top and bottom highlights the design. It has a capacity of 20oz/600mls 

Enjoy a chilled beer from it. Great gift for any craft beer lovely. 


Lidded Leaf Tankard. SHIPPING INCLUDED