Salmon of Knowledge Goblet

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This is one of a set of four goblets depicting ancient Irish Legends. 

The Salmon of Knowledge (Product Code P62S)

This is the story of a young boy by the name of Damna who was also known as Fionn because of his fair hair.  He befriended an old wise man  who was also called Fionn, who spent time fishing on the banks of the Boyne river in Co Meath.  The old man held a secret that there was a salmon in the river who would be the fated Salmon of Knowledge to catch and eat this fish you would receive great powers but your name had to be Fionn.  One day he caught a salmon and started to cook it over an open fire feeling tired he decided to rest and gave Demna orders to watch the fish but he was not to taste or eat the fish. As it cooked a blister appeared on the skin of the fish Demna  touched the blister but on bursting the blister he burned his thumb. He put his thumb in this mouth to sooth the pain.  When the old man returned Demna being honest told what had happened the old man was enraged as he knew that Demna was also called Fionn could now receive the knowledge.  So it came to pass that Fionn Mac Cumhail grew to be the leader of Na Fianna the famous Irish army with great wisdom and knowledge.  

 It is 6" in height and its capacity is 12 fluid ozs. 


Salmon of Knowledge Goblet