Branded Irish Whiskey Measure/Shot

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If you need to know how much spirits you're adding to your cocktail or just having any alcohol drink, then this Pewter Celtic design measure is the ideal piece of Pewter for you. The measure is 1 oz (or a 1/4  jigger) in capacity, also suitable for drinking shots

Perfect for the budding bartender.

The Celtic designs seen on our products are taken from a High Cross situated near Mullingar known as the Bealin Cross. This cross is similar to many Celtic Crosses depicting stories taken from ancient  manuscripts. Celtic symbols and designs are part of our heritage in Ireland, along with symbols found on Ogham stones and manuscripts drawn/written by the monks in monasteries around Ireland.

Our Branded Irish Whiskey Measure is hand-crafted with the symbol of a whiskey still on one side and Celtic design on the other 2 sides.  Cheers!!

Branded Irish Whiskey Measure/Shot