Celtic Picture Frame 4" X 6"

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Product Code: P289 Claddagh

Product Code P289A Open

Enhance your wedding photos with this beautifully sculpted 4" X 6" Celtic lattice Frame, also available in Claddagh and Open designs.  (Shown in photos). 

The Claddagh is long associated with love and marriage. The story goes back to the small village of Claddagh in Co. Galway  back in 1689 a Spanish sailor  fell in love with a girl from Claddagh and on their marriage he made for her a ring with a crown, a heart and two hands each side of the heart this was to  symbolise his love the hands for friendship, the heart for love and crown for loyalty. The Claddagh is still popular to this day for birthdays more so than weddings rings.

Celtic Picture Frame 4" X 6"