Mechanical Pocket Watch with Pewter Kells Design

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Product Code: P294 Kells 3 O.F.

This a mechanical gents watch designed to capture that early Victorian look as portrayed by the gents of that time. The watch itself is a manual wind-up and the workings can be seen from both the front face and back of the watch. The chain is 12" in length and has a pocket clip on the end designed to slip on to the cuff of a pocket.

The perfect gift for the father of the groom or father of the bride on a wedding day or a delightful gift for that special person in your life to celebrate any occasion.

 When the Latin missionary monks brought Christianity to Ireland in early 400 A.D., they also brought a new way of teaching people Bible stories and prayers. As many people could not read, the monks used pictures and symbols in their writings, as can be seen in the Kells manuscript. On this design the image are of dogs or hounds entwined sometimes these images were incorporated into letters in the manuscript.  The hound is a symbol of bravery and courage which is associated with Irish legends – the Hound of Culainn.

Limited space for engraving.

Mechanical Pocket Watch with Pewter Kells Design