Mechanical Pocket Watch With Kells Design

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 Product Code: P294 Kells 5 O.F.

This open-face watch boasts a beautiful design of a creature from the Kells manuscript. As the monks could not know exactly what each creature looked like, a lot of the creatures they designed were imagined or taken from interpretation of other stories. This creature arguably looks like a lion - the symbol of St. Mark, one of the four Evangelists. Lions are traditionally a symbol of strength and power.

This is a mechanical gents watch designed to capture that early Victorian look as protrayed by the gents of that time. The watch itself is a manual wind-up and the workings can be seen from both the front face and back of the watch. The chain is 12" in length and has a pocket clip on the end designed to slip on to the cuff of a pocket.

The perfect gift for the groomsmen and best man on a wedding day or a delightful gift for that special man in your life to celebrate any occasion. 

Limited space for engraving.

Mechanical Pocket Watch With Kells Design