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Add class to your dining table with a set of  beautiful hand crafted pewter goblet. 

This goblet one on a set of four tells the Mythical story of  Na Fianna which translates to The Soldiers. They flourished in Ireland for about 300 hundred years before Christ.  Founded in the reign of King Cormac Mac Airt they were to protect the Viking at Tara, set high standards in Living, in sport and behave with courage.

Their most noted captain was the great Fionn Mac Cumhail (Fionn Mac Cool) who taught all his thousands of men to be like himself in character, with gentleness and always generous.  To become a member the young man must be knowledgeable in Poetry, skilled in rhyme and Gaelic poetry.  He must be strong in body and able to defend himself against nine of his would be colleagues throwing their spears at him.  If overtaken,or a hair tangled on this head or a stick cracked under his foot of he failed to remove a thorn from his foot without stopping he was not accepted to the elite force.  Each soldier was to avoid brawls, gentleness towards women,children, poets and the common people.  Never by any act bring the Fianna into disrepute.

Each goblet is 7" high hand turned and polished on the inside. The outside is hand turned on top and base with the center darkened to highlight the scenes on the 3 sides. Enjoy !!







Mythical Ireland Goblet - Na Fianna. SHIPPING INCLUDED