Whiskey Flask Glass Centre Kells Design (6oz)

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The design is taken from the Kells manuscript, possibly the world's  most famous manuscript. This design depicts two entwined birds, displayed in a beautiful Celtic knot. When the Latin missionary monks brought Christianity to Ireland in early 400 A.D., they also brought a new way of teaching people Bible stories and prayers. As many people could not read, the monks used pictures and symbols in their writings, as can be seen in the Kells manuscript. The birds on this design look similar to two entwined peacocks. In early Christian time the peacock was seen as a symbol for immortality. It is also associated with nobility, protection.

A charming round 6oz Whiskey Flask glass center with pewter surround so you can see its contents, perfect size for a handbag or pocket, a perfect gift for him or her.

Whiskey Flask Glass Centre Kells Design (6oz)