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The Treaty Chess Set - Exclusive Limited Edition

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This Chess Set is unique and Exclusive.

It allows the Chess lover to re-enact the actions which brought about the Anglo Irish Treaty through the game of Chess. 

On the 7th January 1922, one hundred years ago, in the Dail, the Anglo Irish Treaty was voted on. In a very tight vote, 64 to 57 in favour, the future of the Irish public was framed for the foreseeable future.

Today, 7th January 2022, 100 years after the signing, We Launch a new Chess Set to commemorate the Anglo Irish Treaty featuring the main protagonists.

On the Irish side:

Eamon De Valera, leader of the Irish Provisional Government acts as the King,

Countess Constance Markievicz , the leading Irish female freedom fighter represents the traditional Queen,

Michael Collins,  the leader of the Irish Republican Army, represents the bishop,

Traditional Irish armoured vehicle, representing the Knight,

The Taoiseach’s Office, which was the Royal Science College and meeting place of the first Dail represents the Castle

The Pawns are represented by Irish volunteers, young men who fought for Irish freedom

On the British side:

The King George 5th is represented.

The Queen was Mary of Teck

The Bishop is represented by Lloyd George who was British Prime Minister

The Armoured Vehicle that was used to attack Croke Park on what became known as Bloody Sunday, represents the Knights

The tower in Dublin Castle as it was the administrative centre for British rule in Ireland represents the castle piece. 

The Pawns are represented by the Black and Tans, a force sent to Ireland to defeat the Irish Republican Army.

Chess Board included. 

This Chess set will be a limited edition of 100 sets.

Price is inclusive of all shipping costs. 

***Exclusive Product*** 

This product is only available from Mullingar Pewter, either on our website or in our showroom store, Mullingar Pewter, Ireland.  The design and commission of this piece was from a private client, permission has been granted to reproduce the design but only as an exclusive purchase from our company directly. You will not find this set on any other site, or through any other wholesale outlet. 


Please allow additional time for delivery of a Mullingar Pewter Chess set as they are produced to order in our workshop and these pieces are so detailed they take more time than other pieces. 

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